We love fitness! It is so good for your mind, body, and soul. When we created Row Barre the goal was to make a workout that was fun, attainable, and time efficient.We did a lot of research to develop our concept and bring it to fruition. 

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We are excited that Row Barre is a TOTAL BODY workout. We understand that life can be demanding and it is hard to fit "one more thing" into our busy lives. We designed our classes so that you can get everything in one workout.

  • Row Barre hits large muscles and small muscles. We utilize all types of exercise props to achieve this goal.
  • We use light and heavy weights, bodyweight exercises, and much more. We believe that you need a well rounded strength training regimen for optimal results.
  • Row Barre contains a healthy balance of cardio and strength training. Both are needed to have a well balanced workout. The rowing portion of class meets your cardio needs while the barre portion of class meets your strengthening needs.
  • Row Barre is time efficient. Our workout is easy to fit into your day at only 55 minutes and hits all the components needed for a complete workout. We understand that people don't have 2-3 hours a day to dedicate at they gym trying to fit in separate cardio, strength training, and stretching classes.


We keep our pricing competitive, budget friendly, and easy. Your class credit can be used for any class that we offer. We don't charge different pricing for various classes. We want you to have a well balanced experience at Row Barre so we do not want to limit or hinder you from getting the best fitness classes possible.


We love music! The founders of Row Barre have extensive music backgrounds to pull from and feel strongly about keeping music fresh and motivating.

We have found that music can sometimes make or break your experience with a group fitness class. We are always up to date on our music and incorporate a variety of genres to meet our clients needs. Music is just not "background" noise for our classes; Music is a huge part of the experience. We also even feature "Themed Music Classes" to keep our clients even more engaged.

"Warning": Our music is addictive!