What should I wear to class? 

Workout clothes are going to be your best option. For classes that include rowing please wear running shoes or cross trainers. The barre portion of class we do with bare feet.We suggest wearing yoga type clothes and bring a water bottle. Please refrain from very baggy clothes as they can get caught in the rowing machine.

What should I bring? 
Please bring a small towel and water to every class. Please make sure to eat a light meal or snack at least 60 minutes before class. All other props for classes are provided.
What should I do before class when I get to the studio and what about after class?
BEFORE CLASS: Silence your cell phone and leave it with your things in a locker.  Tell your instructor about any health conditions or injuries you have
AFTER CLASS: Wipe off all equipment.  Sweat is sexy on you, not on our equipment.  And please put away everything you take out 

Can I do this class if I am a beginner?
Definitely! The classes are set up in a way that challenges all levels of fitness. We often have people who have little or no exercise experience paired up with advanced exercisers and they work out at their own pace. You make it as intense as you want it to be.  

Indoor rowing is low impact/high cardio. Barre fitness is low impact as well. It is a great way to get into fitness without putting major stress on your body.

How long will it take for me to learn rowing and barre?
We suggest committing at least to 8-10 classes so your body can adjust to this workout. This will also allow you enough time to get used to all of our terminology and techniques. The first couple of classes can be tough but push through! You will love the results.

How often should I come to The Row Barre?

Even though results vary by person, we suggest at least 3-5 times a week. As with any exercise regime consistency is the name of the game in order to see changes in your body.

Am I on the rowing machine for the entire Row and Sculpt class?

No! The class format combines rowing, floor exercises, and weight training so you’re never on the rowing machine for more than five minutes at a time. This keeps the classes fresh and interesting. 

Cardio Row is all on the rower but we incorporates tabata waves, sprint intervals, timed race pyramids, and motivating playlists!  So this takes out the monotony of rowing. The class will fly by!

Do I need dance experience to participate in your Barre classes?

Absolutely not! Barre classes are "ballet inspired" and mostly fitness oriented. However, we do incorporate some basic ballet dance elements into our classes because it helps to work on grace and fluidity. Our classes are geared towards the "everyday" woman.

Why isn’t the same type of class offered at the same time everyday? 
We understand that some people like to workout at the same time, in the same way, with the same instructor, everyday. One of our goals is to keep your body on its toes so that it constantly has to adjust to what you’re doing.  This is called cross-training, your body will love it, and you will love the results.

What should I do if I want to take a class?  
Review our class packages and decide which one is for you. Then create an account through our online registration system, purchase your class package, and book your class! If a class is full, you can also sign up for the online waitlist.  If a spot opens up, you’ll immediately be placed in the class and notified via email.  Please review our cancellation policy for more details.